Advertisement;A key tool for brand’s growth

Author: Gbenga Oloke
Advertisement;A key tool for brand’s growth
Most organizations has placed much emphasis on advertisement because it is majorly believed as one of the greatest and effective tool employed to improve a brand’s recognition in the market. Most customers got to know many brands and their products through adverts on social media or media outlets such as radio, television and soon.

In a bid to understand how the use of advertisement has boost or influence a brand growth in the market, it is important to know the concept or meaning of the word’ Advertisement’ which refers to as a short film or a written notice that is shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement on product.

However, to get effective use of advertisement which are mostly paid for, a brand must be sure to have done necessary research on keywords and define or analyze their targeted audience specifically because the better they target them, the more successful and prosperous their adverts will be. This helps to gain more customers that will boost the sale of their products in the market.

Three integral part of advertisement which includes

Stories: This is a very essential and important part of an advertisement. This is the plot or a theme central that directly influence how images in the advertisement acts on the products that exhibits the benefit and usefulness of the product and spurs our imaginations,

Images: These are characters that could be animate or in animate which communicate vital information about the products and they enable brand relationship with their customers on a deeper level. They also obtain customer’s attention as favorite celebrities and top notch artistes are mostly used in advert to generate interest of audience on their products.

Associations: This is the relationship between the stories and images to give a clearer picture or effect on the advert. It tells us the attribute of a specific brand’s product in the market.

The above integral part mentioned plays an important role in the advertisement of a company’s product to boost or increase its company’s sales and brings audience or potential customers to the awareness of their products in the market.

Importance of Advertisement to the brand’s growth

It helps the customers know about the existence of various and diverse products and prices.
It increases sales of products through attracting new buyers to patronize the brand
It promotes the brand and its products to the general public
It enhances good communication between the brand and customers on products.

Advertisement is one of the vital aspect of business which has equally aid the growth and increase in sales of companies. Advertisement can be done through several means and methods which includes; social media such as Facebook, twitter and many more and also through mass media such as T.V or radio shows and programs.

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