The Physcology of Color in Branding

psycology of colors in branding

Having a good logo for your brand is great! But not just enough.  Its another decision to think and select colors that portray the attributes of your brand. Its important to be careful while selecting the colors as they could be a means to identify your products or brand in…

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Criteria for choosing brand name/Trademark

In the previous articles, we have said so much about branding and this point no one following the articles should still be oblivious of why it is necessary to create a brand. In those articles, we were introduced to what branding is, its importance and signs of a dying brand….

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Image source In the previous article, we went through the importance of building a brand either for an existing or a potential business as it contributes greatly to such business. However, branding does not only apply to businesses, but so many other things, which could be career or ministry as…

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