Business Sales: Increasing Sales with Digital Marketing

As a business owner, you have to be more concerned with making and maximizing profits in your company. Most organizations are mostly profit oriented aside from charitable organizations which are non profitable organizations. It is therefore essential that the main aim of Organizations aside from rendering quality services to its customers is maximization of profits

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Understanding Business Branding and its Effect on Brand’s Growth

In the world today ,business and brands has been spreading and growing like a wildfire all over the globe. Brands has evolved round the world providing numerous products and services for the benefits of human and most importantly maximizing profits . Some brands are distinctive from others while some brands are superior to other brands due to the effects of business and products branding.

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career profiling

Learning and acquiring skill(s) should be considered as an investment. Business vagabonds are people trying to benefit in the short run, who end up loosing all. Here is why.     Majorly, we all have the problem of choosing the right skill set. We go for what we perceive is trending and…

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Connecting Right Sales Dots And Making Sales Online

Notjustbrands Media

Selling doesn’t just happen. It’s different from the perception of when a product is sold. Selling involves process which when skipped with have a telling effect. Understanding the benefits of what products you sell or services you render is important. Have worked with many brand owners whom before meeting them,…

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Webster Global Gas Limited: Meeting the demand for cleaner energy

 Economic development and growth has been dwindling in Nigeria and most African countries. Webster Global gas limited seeks to be a major game changer, first in its indigenous area, Nigeria and then spread its eagle like wings across the globe.  As the first locally operated gas processing facility in Africa, it…

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