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Selling doesn’t just happen. It’s different from the perception of when a product is sold. Selling involves process which when skipped with have a telling effect. Understanding the benefits of what products you sell or services you render is important. Have worked with many brand owners whom before meeting them, they’ve decided to part ways with running promotions and creating awareness as most times, they only end up enriching PRs and so called marketers with large audience. After asking some questions, I discovered the problem most times doesn’t come from PRs and marketers. Most times, they make the mistake of choosing the wrong audience to advertise to or using contents that don’t sell.

Don’t Just List your Product(s) features.

Most of their contents list the features of their products and failed to explain it importance to prospects. An example is telling a prospect, my machine can store up to 1000kv of power, most times, they will only end up saying waoh!. They do not understand what problem having 1000kv machine will solve. It could have been reconstructed to be “My machine can store up to 1000kv of electricity which enables it to last for 10 days without charging”. This sterns to the fact that many do not have the proper knowledge of writing sales copy that creates awareness, answers objections, create FOMO (fear of missing out) and bring conversions. 

Publicity and Advertisements materials matters.

Necessarily, advertisement contents should be well screened before investing fortunes in sending them out. It’s important to have a clear understanding of where your audience are mostly like are and contents they want to see. 
Another important thing entrepreneurs and PRs don’t know is the fact that not all every advertisements content should be boring. Most times, you only get 10 seconds of people’s time on your ads, if the content is catchy or entertaining there is a great chance they will spend more time getting the message you’re sending across.

After choosing the right audience and getting the best contents, this means you will get all conversions reaching out to audience at once, their are tools for re-targeting but ensure you have good clients and prospects management skills that helps you in identify who is worth your time and Audience to re-target. You can do a profile that helps divide your audience and know who to go after. Experiment well and choose PRs (marketers) with good audience and best at what they do, identify people who call themselves PRs for just having access to tens Whatsapp groups. Run ads with PRs (marketers) that has a way of converting your emotions express through ads materials to audience. They play an important role as well.

Connecting the right sales dots is easy, just understand the rules of marketing, I can recommend you read books on marketing and examples include “Psychology of selling by Brian Tracy”. 
Sales is learnt and it worth giving attention to. Lastly, create and build good customers relationship. It helps you in getting good reviews and more referrals. BUILD TRUST! and put much more energy you use in creating awareness to attending to prospects.

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