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Author: Anietie David

Email marketing is an important aspect of marketing. Approximately 90% of marketers believe that email marketing is an important marketing tool. This is because email marketing offers a higher return on investment (ROI) every year than any other marketing strategy. Even though marketers use a lot of media, email marketing is simply the best.

What is email marketing?
Email marketing is a practice of using email to publicly publish your business. It is mostly used to build relationships with customers, notify them of new developments in your company or products, and use them when you want to reward customers for their loyalty.

It is an easy way to let customers know about your brand value and let them focus on you. How much value can you place on email marketing?
Let me give you a few reasons why email marketing needs to be used in your digital marketing strategy:

Greater Conversion: The ultimate goal of marketing is to promote conversion and turn potential customers into paying customers. There are so many people around the world who read their emails every day. This means that you are more likely than anyone to get someone to click on a link to your website via email.

The figure above shows the click rate of emails in different industries. This shows that people are more likely to read carefully what you tell them in email without having to look for other methods.

Greater Reach: Facebook has over 1 billion users and Twitter has more than 300 million users, but this enormous number still cannot exceed the effectiveness of using email to reach out to your customers. According to 99 Firms, there are now more than 3.9 billion email users worldwide. You may think this number is exaggerated, but please think carefully about it. Almost every platform you use requires email registration. You can even register on popular social media platforms via email. When you make contacts with potential customers, email always has a higher chance of attracting more people than any other medium.
Open Platform: Most of the platforms needed to reach potential customers belong to third-party organizations. These third-party organizations often create algorithms that no longer attract people unless you pay for them to show ads on your posts. Unlike these platforms, nobody controls email. This is an open method of communication. So if you spend time creating mailing lists, only you can control the listeners. Nobody else can decide who and how to contact your audience.
We live in the age of digital awareness. Every day we find more customers online. Trying to connect with customers through social media platforms can create certain obstacles because you are at their mercy.

They decide who speaks to you and what influence the audience has. Email is the best way to sell with new customers and build close relationships with loyal customers. It’s the most effective way to build, develop, and build relationships with target groups who are ready to buy into your brand and services.

If you would like to know how you can use this medium to promote sales digitally, please feel free to contact us. We will support you in this


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