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Notjustbrands Media

Over the years, the young, wealthy and business oriented minds who started with the zeal of becoming giants whom are able to proffer to solution to the poor state of the country’s economy through job creation by establishing their own brands and business have been seen all over quitting their dreams and letting go of their ambition because of the challenges they face which caught them unprepared and lack of support they got from the society

As usual, people who claimed to have a brand are ignorant of what the society really needs. They lack the understanding of the brand’s customers or what there need is. All we’ve successfully being seeing for years is just design and logo. A true brand is more than this. Most of the brands out there are on the verge of going into extinction, again owing to several reasons of which internal politics and organizational dysfunction cannot be excluded from. The greatest factor is the lack of information and orientation of what a brand truly is and how best to set up and manage one.

Notjustbrands Media
Top digital marketing brands in Nigeria.

At Notjustbrands, we are one of the leading media managements and branding/business consultants with a circle of individuals who possess strong research and analytical skills, and are able to give your ideas a platform for expression and also to ensure they are well implemented and leveraged on through our expertise. And based on our expertise as one of top digital marketing brands in Ile-Ife, Osun state. We are able to recognize the aforementioned problems at Notjustbrands and we make things work as expected or wanted for potential brand/business owners by creating a platform where they can easily and seamlessly communicate their ideas with us, thereby providing them with specially tailored suggestions based on the presented information. With these ideas, we ensure to design viable plans, which when strategically executed, undoubtedly leads to the realization of your ideas.


Notjustbrands, a first class digital marketing brand in OAU, was founded based on the fact that only few individuals are out there to offer the service of promoting brands/businesses and at the same time doing other strategic things to effectively and immensely contribute to the growth and development of the brands/businesses they promote. This usually comes with negativity, such that, the sponsors of those brands/businesses are unable to meet their goals in term of the expected sales. Moreover, not every individual is able to pen down his own ideas, and if some were able to write them down, executing what they have written becomes a problem. Here at Notjustbrands Media , we are not just concerned about getting the job done, instead we care about giving you the best experience in terms of quality and service.

Notjustbrands Media, as registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) is registered with the registration no RC2848266, with its headquarter currently located at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Notjustbrands Media was established on the 1st of November, 2018 with over 60 projects of brand naming, brand strategy development, Online Campaigns management, Website design, Search Engine marketing, Graphics design and more successfully carried out already. You can visit our graphics design gallery   or visit our website.

Having identified the problems in the branding world, Notjustbrands is positioned to provide a platform of expression for your ideas and innovations. Notjustbrands provides solutions to problem in the branding and business world. Rebuilding and revitalizing dying brands, and guiding you through your career.

 Apart from all of these, we also have individuals with great skills for managing your social media as it does not only involve just posting and keeping your profile updated. Skills like graphics production, Proficiency in writing, Customer-service mindset, Email-marketing, Digital Marketing, solid understanding of SEO and content marketing with excellent advertisement knowledge are possessed. The ability to synergize and seamlessly utilize these skills will yield an excellent result.

You can get to read about us on our website and discover whole lot of amazing things about the project we’ve handled, customers reviews and feedbacks, our privacy and policy and also our terms and condition by visiting


At Notjustbrands, we offer you the best in any of following services.

  • Website Design and Development
  • Keyword Research and Analytics study
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing  and management
  • Email Marketing
  • Market Evaluation,Products & Services Evaluation
  • Developing Sales yielding marketing strategy
  • Business Branding and Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Consultation
  • Media Influencing and many others.


Every successful business has a way of effectively carrying out their activities to ensure a continuous propagation. We, at Notjustbrands are also not left out! Below is a comprehensive step by step process of how we will successfully contribute immensely to your existing or potential business/brand.

Firstly, through provision of quality articles/tutorials, teaching the intricacies of setting up and effectively managing businesses/brands, and for efficient and proper dissemination of information, regarding how successful brands were able to achieve their status. These articles, containing great ideas and facts, are made available on our blog, social media platforms. We also provide insights and exposures to both young and old minds finding it difficult to explore themselves, and ultimately bringing out the true potentials in them by introducing a wide range of businesses in various areas including agriculture, handiwork (Artisan techniques), designs, etc.

 Also through the tutorial section of our blog, potential/existing brands are introduced to the techniques of brand management, legal actions to be taken prior to starting a new brand/business, funding of such brand and effective skills of social media marketing.

 In rebuilding/resuscitating dying brands/businesses, a communication link with which what actually went wrong, prior to the waning of such brands/businesses, will be provided. This is basically associated with brand/business management, and having known the problems encountered, a long lasting solutions will be proffered by experts in the field. Also, via the articles on brands/business managements, new and growing businesses/brands will be prevented from making the same mistakes. – Via our social media platform, we shall be creating a bridge between innovators and investors. However, these platforms will be grown in such a way that only targeted audience, whom are interested in creativity at its peak, will dominate. Hence, these talents will be linked up to investors.

Through constant reposting of creative brand/business articles, we are be able to influence people, who are interested in what is being posted, hence, increasing their pages’ engagements with the concept of power likes on Instagram. In this way, we are able to send their posts to the explore page of many users whom might be interested in their services.

Lastly, through effective collaborations with other reputable branding and digital marketing firms in Ile-Ife, we provide every new brand/business, a link of interaction between old and developed brands with the aim of acquainting them with the importance of branding.


You can reach out to us through any of the listed medium on our website or call 09031308608 and you can send a mail to us or through our social media handles.

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