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Prior to this era of technological inventions taking the lead, jobs were based on physical appearance at the place of work and qualifications were based largely on certification. But with the recent technological advancements, we have seen people work online without border restrictions from their various homes. Some have online jobs with companies that are not even in their home country.

With the recent happenings of huge job losses that came as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is no doubt that the future of the World is the digital economy. A lot of people got laid off as a lot of companies downsized their workforce drastically. The importance of digital skills as we are experiencing the revolution and change in the existing economic order cannot be overemphasized. A lot of companies changed their work policies to remote work due to the pandemic.

It was said that Google even gave its workers the option to continue working from home even after the pandemic. It is of no debate that the post Covid-19 economy will see a lot of job losses than the ones we have seen now. A lot of companies will realize they don’t need certain workers as their job posts aren’t really necessary. Most jobs will be based on contracts and the remote job is what will be prevalent. Only people with digital skills of global relevance will scale high in the economy.

This is the time to start learning relevant digital skills. In essence, remote jobs are taking over white-collar jobs. As we transit from the present economy to the digital economy, more contract jobs will be seen and people won’t have to sit in offices from morning to evening with the normal routines. Only those with digital skills will be able to have high leverage in the digital economy.

Here is the way out!
Definitely, you want to be part of those that will have the leverage in the digital economy and that is what we at TheMichaeljerry digital Academy are here to help you with. We are concerned with teaching you digital skills that are relevant in the simplest way. A number of people have learned skills and they have the problem of monetizing them, others don’t have any at all. logo
Our programs are built to groom you from scratch to be an expert in your field. Our major focus is on digital skills. Digital skills basically mean digital literacy, that is, being familiar with a wide range of skills. Skills like Digital Marketing, Business and Branding, Content Marketing, Creation of Digital Products, Soft Skills among others. Digital marketing is using the internet, mobile phones/computers and some digital online platforms to promote products and services.

Digital products are solutions or products in digital formats like eBooks and what have you. All these are preliminary knowledge of what we will offer at TheMichaeljerry Academy. The course you decide to take will be taught in-depth with so much value we offer. It will take you from scratch to scale high in your field and be a high-income earner.

However, some people actually want to learn these skills but they have the challenge of getting the right platform to learn and monetize. Some have encountered scams online with tutors who have zero experience. If you’re in such shoes, TheMichealjerry digital Academy will profer solution to your problems. You will learn digital skills from our experienced tutors and as well teach you how to make money with your skills. While some of you have the skills already, we can also teach you how to monetize them as learning alone isn’t enough. Monetization is very important, too.

Why choose the Michael Jerry Digital Academy?
We provide value to our students and were interested in their growth as we provide a keen follow-up to make sure they excel. We also teach digital skills with global market relevance in the simplest way our students would understand. To take a course and be part of those that will scale high in the digital economy, sign up at to get started and pick a course of your choice.

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