We offer the following services at notjustbrands

At Nojustbrands, we are:  Business Strategists  Brand Influencers  Social Media Managers.

Notjustbrands was established based on the fact that only few individuals are out there to offer the service of promoting brands/businesses and at the same time doing some other strategic things to effectively and immensely contribute to the growth and development of the brands/businesses they promote.

This usually comes with negativity, such that, the sponsors of those brands/businesses are unable to meet their goals in term of the expected sales. Moreover, not every individual is able to pen down his own ideas, if some were able to write them down, executing what they have written becomes a problem. We at Notjustbrands, aims to be one of the leading media managements and branding/business consultants with a circle of individuals who possess strong research and analytical skills, and are able to bring your ideas into reality and ensure they are well implemented and leveraged on through their expertise.

We are able to recognize these aforementioned problems at Notjustbrands and we pledged to make things work as expected or wanted for potential brand/business owners by creating a platform where they can easily and seamlessly communicate their ideas with us, thereby providing them with specially tailored suggestions based on the presented information. With these ideas, we ensure to design viable plans, which when strategically executed, undoubtedly leads to the realization of your ideas.

Not only these, we have individuals with great skills of managing your social media as it does not only involve just posting and keeping your profile updated. Skills like graphics production, Proficiency in writing, Customer-service mindset, solid understanding of SEO and content marketing with excellent advertisement knowledge are possessed. The ability to synergize and seamlessly utilize these skills will yield an excellent result. Want to know more about Nojustbrands? Click Here