The internet has given users an edge in securing jobs, getting information, reaching out to prospects, allowed effective communications and offered greater value beyond imagination to users and enthusiasts using different platforms and applications of digital technology to thrive. It is no doubt that every system is found to have its own flaws, that's why major disinfectant brands say 99.9%. The 0.1% could seem very mild that you end up buying their products without thinking of the economic importance of the 0.1%. Maybe if we view the internet which has provided jobs for people such as digital marketers, Crypto enthusiasts, Forex traders and other legit businesses which have been a testing ground for brilliant ideas and a virtual market where people can sell without having to waste money renting physical stores.


The advantages of technology that have facilitated the digital economy everyone is trying to key into cannot be overemphasized.I have seen many people confused about what digital leveraging is and how to key into this digital economy. Some even think digital leveraging is all about digital marketing or smartphone productivity. No! Digital marketing is one of the strongholds of digital economy, but everyone,even people with offline businesses can leverage in this digital age to grow.


Digital Leveraging refers to taking advantage of the digital world for growth and optimization, for learning and visibility.  Have you ever got stuck at something and had to check for solutions on search engine and was able to fix the problem perfectly? Yes! That's another approach to understanding what digital leveraging is all about. Of recent, I had issues with my software and had to check a Youtube video that took me step by step on how to fix this problem. My trusted tech company requested I traveled down to fix even in this pandemic. What if there was no search engine? Obviously, I would still be stuck till now.



Different people have different problems they need solutions to, and most times, these solutions are online, waiting to be explored.  Using YouTube, you could learn how to fix your car when it breaks down just by going through YouTube when you can't reach out to your Mechanic. There are millions, if not billions, of contents on the internet created to solve a problem or more.In essence, one could make more sales promoting your business online, get jobs through platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and freelancing websites and even work for them from the comfort of your own house.  A fashion designer can leverage on the digital age and sell more of his/her products on online stores.  People buy and sell on the internet and gain value, irrespective of your niche.




The first step is having an overview of how the internet works, if you're a newbie. You can learn even as a student, do project research and hire a writer on the internet.   The important thing is adding value.One thing I always tell people is to make search engines such as or Wikipedia their friend and number one go-to places to look for solutions. You might need tutorials in video format and can always get that online. Search engines help you familiarize yourself with numerous platforms available in the digital space and give you results that match with your questions. It is important that you know people who create digital contents/solutions make money my monetizing it effectively.

All that is important is knowing how to use the search engine. For a newbie, search engines are easy to use and even bring search suggestions when you're stucked and don't know what to do. You can ask search engine questions like "which social media platform is good for promoting a fashion business" and get results. To make it simpler, you can proceed to ask more questions based on results given to filter out what you need. Knowledge is power!

Thriving in this digital age requires an active mind and commitment towards learning about digital skills through, Udemy as well as webinars and online classes and from our trained experts at Notjustbrands..  With the right information, you learn how to take your business online, make money online by creating solutions in your niche often referred to as digital products, connect with your brand's prospects through digital marketing efforts, work remotely and grow. The internet with ever-increasing billions of users has become a modern-day market where any business niche can survive, even without needing a physical store or having to shut down your previously existing physical store.

Even in this period of the pandemic, people who are leveraging on the digital economy are finding it easy to do transactions since it is the street that has become unsafe for business and not the internet. If you do not learn about digital leveraging, how would you know there are tons of jobs on the internet you can apply for and even get to start your new business and promote pre-existing ones. Amazingly, there are guides on search engines and Google digital skills program that teach you about digital leveraging and how to move your business online. All that is required is learning and receiving certifications on completion of assessments but gaining the rightful knowledge is much more important than certificates.

In leveraging, you can choose to use the internet as a place to grow your business by increasing visibility and reaching out to the desired audience or turn the internet into a virtual marketplace place where you offer services and get paid from the comfort of your own house.

Do you wish to know more about digital leveraging or have questions you would like to ask? You can reach out to me via the contact section of our website and let's put you through on how to take your business online, gaining relevant skills for digital leveraging from our trained experts.

Digital economy has made it possible to sell and exchange virtual goods and services online as well as physical products. Remember, value is determined by consumer and with help of digital marketing you can sell your ideas and make money from it or create digital contents and monetize. We can help you with the right information to get started.

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