The Physcology of Color in Branding

psycology of colors in branding
Having a good logo for your brand is great! But not just enough.  Its another decision to think and select colors that portray the attributes of your brand. Its important to be careful while selecting the colors as they could be a means to identify your products or brand in the nearest future. The Nigerian Network providers are mostly recognized by their color and ability to stick to it over time. Just the way fonts of text portray different meanings for your brand, color can do the same thing.
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RED: Red is a striking color that comes across bold and fierce.
BLUE: Blue can be interpreted as serene and soothing
YELLOW: Yellow is considered a neutral color with the other primary colors while Orange and Green falling in between red and blue.
One of the most reoccurring practices in branding is the act of choosing a color for  packaging by a brand of which this color is  direct opposite to the color of their closest competitor. While other companies choose to use multiple colors in the logos. Companies like eBay and Google. Because of this, here is a tip on color combination in case you decide to mix color for your brand packaging or logo design.
Colours are very essential and should be well noted. In graphics design , we have some primary colors and terms
This denotes a four colours design. The colours are CYAN, MAGENTA,YELLOW AND BLACK.
For the fact they are group together doesn’t mean they can be used interchangeably any time.

The best colours that are combine- able with CYAN are ROYAL BLUE(When 100% of cyan is mixed with 100% magenta),MAGENTA,WHITE(Though, its believed that white is not a colour in graphics design.) RED (But with white outline to make it well visible and avoid blurring). YELLOW.

Colors that goes well with magenta are CYAN(Like 50% of cyan)RED(with outline) ROYAL BLUE, PINK .
Every color got its own shade that works with black.
Designing is easier using yellow as primary colour; you get to navigate to any other you wish to have but with moderation.



Don’t just pick colours .See if there any agreement between the primary colour(s) and the other colour(s) to combine.Think and try to imagine how it will look like after printing.



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