Criteria for choosing brand name/Trademark

In the previous articles, we have said so much about branding and this point no one following the articles should still be oblivious of why it is necessary to create a brand. In those articles, we were introduced to what branding is, its importance and signs of a dying brand. Having got a full grasp of these previous lessons, it is necessary to learn about criteria for choosing a brand name

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 Every business or must have a name/trademark. Its their identification in the business world. Adidas, Nike, MTN, Notjustbrands and Christie Signatures are all examples of brand names. Even though it is important for a brand or business to have a name, there are some prerequisite to choosing that special name a particular brand must have.

Part of the things to put into consideration is what your brand or business is set to deliver to the world. What problem or lapses do you wish to bring solution to? It’s important that your brand name must be captivating and enough to explain what your brand or business offers to the world. Its is not compulsory but it’s advisable.

Whatever business you are planning to set up, it is necessary to choose a brand name. However, this does not involve a mere selection of just any name but the necessary ability to choose  the right name for your brand. Because your brand name stands for what your business is, picking a wrong name could result in an untimely collapse of the potential business.

Listed below are the necessary things to note while choosing a befitting brand name for your business.

1. Must Be Easily Remembered

A name to be chosen for your business or brand is meant to be easily remembered, even by a kid, although not necessary. This will require you to be aware of its pronunciation, spelling and how lengthy is going to be. 

Choosing a lengthy name that will not be easily pronounced, and misspelt by people could actually lead to a business or branding catastrophe as many people will go around with the wrong names, that’s quite saddening. However, this can be avoided by first conducting a quick survey for its pronunciation and spelling; trust me, this would give you a very good insight regarding how your brand name will perform out there.

Remember you want your name to be searchable, sharable and most importantly, memorable. Once you are able to get it right, you can then proceed to naming our brand.

2. Gives A Visual Perception

Sincerely speaking, people easily remember what they see than what they hear. Visually speaking, what is the perception of people towards your brand name? Are they able to link your name with an image? You should ensure that people can easily link your brand name to something (by adding a visual element) to help their memory.

 The visual perception is not only limited to an image, but also extends to the color your brand name or logo is designed with. It has the intrinsic power of either working for or against your brand.

The green color on our website represents calmness and growth and this was chosen due to the nature of what we do.

 3. Represents Clarity

Your brand name should be able to give people not associated directly with your business, a hint on the nature of your business. It should be self-advertising! It must be clearly represented such that it gives people the idea of what you do. No matter how strategic you are in executing business plans, your brand name still matters. It gives that easiness to know about your business.

4. Nurtures Positivity

Whatever brand name you are going to choose must be the type that gives you, employees and customers positive vibes. As far as we may know, different  names could mean different things to different  people and surely you won’t want to spend the whole time explaining what your brand names means.

How would you feel if customers and even employees think negative about the brand name you have come up with? Definitely bad! So, when choosing a brand or business name, study your business environment well to know the kind of people leaving there. What will they think about this name? Ask yourself.

5. Uniqueness

Most times, there are companies already doing what you intend doing. So, you should be able to select a brand name that is entirely different from your rivals or competitors. This makes you stand out. Choosing an already existing name could cause some mix ups, like customers mistaking a one brand name with another producing the same products. 

Moreover, choosing similar names with other companies could become a legal issue. To avoid this, an intensive research has to be done. Ensure the name you are choosing has not been taken already.

6. Availability Of Your Intended Domain Name

Before choosing a brand name, it is quite imperative to check the availability of a domain name to guarantee the presence of your business online. However, if you are thinking your business will actually thrives well without any online presence, trust me, your thought is very wrong and you are missing it already. What is important is that your domain name should end with “.com” even though there are others you can choose from.

7. Trademarking

Trademarking is an official process and usually the last step taken in making your business or brand name official. This is very important, however, a thorough research is also needed to ensure that name is available for registration.

However, the common thing is that while generic and merely descriptive names are usually available, arbitrary and fanciful names are not.

8. Acronyms

While the use of long brand names are not usually encouraged due to customers experiencing difficulties in committing them to memory, some companies try creating an acronym or a short form for their business name.  What is not impressive about this is that many customers, especially the ones staying afar form your business location, might not have a full grasp of what the acronym represents, although, it might be meaningful to those staying close.


After all these must have set right, the next thing is to go online and see if all the social media handles for the selected name is available and check if a previous brands has not been using the name. To know if the brand name you so desire is available within all social media handles and websites, it’s a bit tasky but we can always help you solve that. You can message our experts to help you sort it out. Every brand is subjected to growth and we have to be careful of things we do at early stage of developing our brands. A brand must learn to stick to their things (logos,designs,name,tags etc.)

After this must have been thoroughly researched, the next is to create all the social media handles even though its not going to be active for a period of time. This is to make sure that the brand can have same username for all their accounts online when its being launched. It makes it easier for your customers to follow you and quickly recognize your brands account easily.


Your brand name is your identity both online and offline. It should tell the world what services you offer . Ensure that the brand name you are choosing is not an existing one and finally, make sure the social media handles (which may turn out to be your online market or selling point) is available for the brand name you so desire or keep trying another name till it works out.

Always remember you are trying to distinguish yourself from your rivals, create something unique!

Thanks for reading and we do hope you enjoy our articles, feel free to contribute and make suggestions…

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