Understanding Business Branding and its Effect on Brand’s Growth

In the world today ,business and brands has been spreading and growing like a wildfire all over the globe. Brands has evolved round the world providing numerous products and services for the benefits of human and most importantly maximizing profits . Some brands are distinctive from others while some brands are superior to other brands due to the effects of business and products branding.

Branding plays an important role in improving and making a business well known and acknowledged all over the globe yet it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in business. The main problem of most brands is that they failed to understanding that having a brand is different from branding their products or brands . Branding is a process of creating perception about one’s business. Unlike the general thought, branding is beyond brand identities such as logo, flyer and other forms of graphics. Full business branding affects mode of execution of brand’s services, response to criticism from prospects and customers, business and marketing strategy and many more.

Before proceeding into the main issue of business and branding issue or the issue faced by business due to branding. It is important to know what branding means.,Branding means the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. Most companies lack the important marketing mix and branding that aids more customers while some brands do not know how to go about branding of their products.

There are four authors that influence branding to be well acceptable and bring more customers to patronize your brands which includes: Companies, Popular Culture, Influencers and customers.

Companies: The firm shapes the brand through all of its product related activities that touch customers . All elements of the marketing mix such as product, communication, channels and pricing polices can potentially tell important detail about the product. Most successful and well known brand has great branding skills through the marketing mix. For examples , Companies such as Dufil and Coca cola has make waves through making use of marketing mix.

Popular Culture: Products are important and prominent part of human world. As such they are frequently used as props in films television, books and all over the mass media . These representations has powerful impacts on the business or brand. Popular culture has influence on brands directly through use of mass media. Brands that are well known today have been making use of the media through public relations effort and paid sponsorship which has build their business and brands.

Customers: Customers help to author the brands through what they see on media and public awareness programs, they buy the products and consume. As they interact with the product, customers creates consumption stories involving the products which they often share with their friends. Through the media done to win a customer, in return win another customer.

Influencers: Most successful brands make use of influencers as a point of advertisiment in their outlets as customers watch ads and listen to influencers use the products . For instanc Dufil, Detol make use of influencers to influence their products to the society and in turn help their brands to be largely reckoned with.

These fours authors help branding and packaging of business. The stories,images and associations make up branding and makes brand with its help continually reinforced because they are treated as ‘Facts’ in everday interactions.


Branding is one of the most powerful tool in marketing arsenal as stated above through the four authors that influence the brand most especially advertisement through the media.For example, when Budweiser’s Lizards ad campaign created a powerful symbolic for the brand. Bud drinkers reported that the beer tasted better. The issue which most brands or business faced is that they failed to use the four authors of branding and brand strategy . Most of the Successful brands make judicious use of this four authors for their brands which brings growth and expansion of their brands and business.

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