In the previous article, we went through the importance of building a brand either for an existing or a potential business as it contributes greatly to such business. However, branding does not only apply to businesses, but so many other things, which could be career or ministry as it will exceptionally distinguish you from many of your competitors. We don’t have to go miles to see the influence of branding, take a look at any world-class and successful companies today, it will be observed that their success can be attributed to branding. Undoubtedly, this has earned them a lot of respect followed by profits.

After saying all these, I am very sure you must have decided to go on with creating or building your own brand specifically for your business. Now that you have decided, there are couple of questions you need to ask yourself to know if truly you are up to the task;

  • What will be people’s impression about me?

  • Who are your target clients/customers?

  • What problem(s) do you want to solve?

  • Who are your competitors?

 I guess you were able to give these questions the best answers you could possibly give, right? Let’s look at each and see if your answers align with the explanation below, but if you’re stuck and couldn’t answer none of them, scroll up and make sure you give your own unique answers before any further reading.

Most people are creating brands for the desire and passion to make more money while they set aside customers’ satisfaction, how then do they want to make a difference. What your brand should stand for or be known for is customers’ satisfaction, although not everybody can be satisfied, but to some extent significantly enough. Sincerely, it is not easy making a different face in the front of the crowd. Someone somewhere might be already doing what you are planning to do, how then will you attract customers to patronize you? Study things well and see what is deficient in what is already being provided and make changes. Building a brand goes beyond customers’ satisfaction and making money! Note that; your brand is your business fingerprint.

The truth is that customers have a way of identifying the wannabe brands. Do you have a heart for what you do? Are you in for the money? Will people want to connect with your integrity. One funny but truthful thing is;  whatever you incorporate into your brand, in terms of purpose and intent will be overtly magnified to your customers. Therefore, if you are really in for business, they will surely know. Why do you do what you do? Are you passionate about it or just seeing it as a side opportunity? As a fashion designer, are you so passionate about the designs and customers, or you just want to sell more clothes? The best designers out there do both so well, but actually more of the former.

Having been able to decide what your brand is going to stand for, either through research or any other means, and the impression you are creating, you must have known who your targeted customers/clients are and be ready to meet their taste, either in a certain demographic or geography. You must be able to do everything reasonable to build their interest and instill a level of trust in them through your services/products such that they will be the one recommending it to other people. Once you are ready for this, you can go ahead to creating your own brand.

At this point, you must have identified your target customers. Now ask yourself; What problems do I want to solve?This is a very crucial question to ask yourself, in that every great brand has evolved to become what it is today, only through this means. What solutions can you proffer to the problems of your potential customers?

Every great brad/business have become what they are because they have been able to solve and meet the pressing needs of a large number of people. The late motivational guru, Zig Ziglar, once said something about wanting to make a million dollar, he said; “If you want a million dollar, help a million people solve their problems.” Building an outstanding and a lasting brand is not so much a matter of how famous you are, how well advertised you are, but a matter of how well you can solve people’s problems. So, you want to build a brand? What problems can you solve? Until you can do justice to that question, you’ll never do well to achieve that envied status of a great brand.

Done justice to the preceding question? Then, who are your competitors? Surely in everything you are going into, there are always people who are already doing it and might even be more skilled than you! No matter how good you are at solving problems, and how well you stand out in excellence, you’ll always have someone or something that threatens your work. Define what that is, It could be an app that can do what you are doing, but at a lower price. How can you respond to that? Will you win when it comes to relationship with customers, lowering your prices, increasing quality, or getting more work? You need to be prepared for competition if you seek to build a brand. It will do you no good to hope for the best while you can prepare for the worst, that’s what the best brands do.


Creating or building a brand is actually a very good step for anybody going into the business world. However, before building a brand you must be able to answer the three principal questions, and others that stem from them during the process of explanation. Also, you must always bear in mind that your brand is your business fingerprint and must be used as a reminder of what your goals are. Keep to them and success is yours.

Thanks for reading! Stay updated for more! Feel free to make contributions…

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