What type of digital marketer does your business need?

Author: Gospel Bassey

It is no more news that social media marketing is the best marketing tool in the 21st century.

In a couple of years behind, marketing teams were the main deal: mainly working offline than online. Then Influencers came, who were mostly just real-life celebrities or social media influencers. They worked to promote several brands for a fee depending on their influence.

Fast forward to a couple of years ahead, digital marketers/social media marketers came onboard and they were more like freelancers. Lately, businesses could even create their social media or digital marketing teams which may consist of project managers, strategists, graphic designers, content developers, SEO specialists, front-end developers, email marketing/marketing automation specialists, social media managers, and Pay-Per-Click managers, amongst others.

This team could be structured to accommodate more or fewer positions depending on the scale, size, or type of business.

However, this is not an evolution trend, because all these types of digital marketers are still very much in use. Instead, this opened a new world of possibilities such that businesses could choose to either hire digital marketers/influencers or create their marketing teams and contrarily to what one may think, building and owning digital marketing teams can be done by any firms either. big brands or large firms. SMEs and low budget start-ups are even more prone to building their digital marketing teams because they know that this is important to their growth and essential in the social media marketing war with larger firms.

The type and size of business notwithstanding, it is important for business owners to hire digital marketers that are just right for their businesses. Some businesses may choose to go for a generic digital marketer. Others may pick a specialist in areas such as Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click, Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, and Viral Marketing, amongst others.

Some businesses prefer hiring an already established digital marketing team or building one while others may go for a Consultative Digital Marketing Agency or a combination of some of them. No matter what your choice is, you should know the Pros and Cons to know which is best for your growing or established business.

However, before we delved into the analysis of the various types of digital marketers, it is pertinent for business owners to know the factors that should be inherent in marketers before they hire or recruit them. There are three factors and these factors are:

Scalability: This asks the question, ‘will this hire continue to grow and evolve to ensure expansion?’. In as much as this does not sound relevant, this question should be considered important, especially for businesses who hope to build a team or keep these marketers for long. Business owners should incentivize growth, learning, and development to make marketers scalable.
Efficacy: This asks the question, ‘Can this hire achieve your business’ growth goals?’. This question goes hand in hand with a brand’s growth strategies and the qualities of the marketer. It is pertinent that business owners should table their business growth plans before the prospective hire and see if they are comfortable with it.
Investment: This asks the question, ‘What will this hire cost, and will they produce the required ROI?’. This is a process of plotting the graph of the cost of the marketer(s) against their estimated output and any business that wishes to attain the required business goals will consider this extensively before hiring or retaining a marketer or marketing team.
Types of Digital Marketers

Generic Digital Marketers: These are digital marketers who know everything about everything that there is to know about digital marketing but sometimes, may not seem to know enough in a particular field especially if pitched against a specialist in such field. These digital marketers may be relatively cheaper to hire, easier to maintain, and in a less competitive market, may produce required outcomes in the short run especially those that have better experiences in the industry. These types of marketers may not be suitable for large firms but may prove useful for low budget firms and small start-ups.

Specialists: Specialists may be in areas such as content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, social media, Pay-Per-Click, or Analysts. This type of digital marketers is best for teamwork as not as lone workers unless for businesses where marketing is only required in only one or two related facets. They can be costly for hire, usually have good returns, and maybe not required close supervision, unlike Generic Digital Marketers.

Digital Marketing Team: Whether they are hired as already established teams or built from scratch, this tends to be the most productive type of digital marketers in the long run. They are costly to hire and maintain, may require pruning, require supervision, suitable for long term goals, and their presence sometimes highlights the fact that such a start-up or brand is planning to establish a big presence in the market and industry.

Consultative Digital Marketing Agency: The good part about Consultative Digital Marketing Agency is that they can offer a wide range of services although they are relatively costly to hire. However, in the digital world, there’s a common misconception in terms of what a marketing consultant or the agency does, a lot of people presume that they deal with every aspect of advertising, but that’s not the case. Consultative Digital Marketing Agencies are mostly required if businesses already have ideas for marketing, then they would contact an advertising agency to make those ideas a reality. In simple terms, a marketing consultant uses the company’s existing business model to consider what market potential there is, and then creates a marketing strategy that should work successfully for the brand, allowing them to achieve their goals. They are costly to hire but are very productive and can work for start-ups and large corporations.

In synopsis, a company needs to look within first before hiring digital marketers. Businesses don’t have to hire digital marketers because everybody is doing the same, every business is unique and thus, requires unique decisions that are tantamount to the growth of the business or that are in line with the already laid growth strategies.

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